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KYNIGI - South Warwickshire

South Warwickshire

Long Compton - The Red Lion

Players: 2 to 5 players in one vehicle
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours
Information Sheet

Stratford-upon-Avon - Piston Club @ The Stag

Check the weather before you travel

This Route contains narrow sections

This route contains fords - Do not cross a ford in flood

Route Information

KYNIGI - Greek for Hunt

A Driving based Treasure Hunt, that takes you on an hour and a half drive. Find the locations to get the next instruction and go the correct route. Answer timed, route themed quiz questions correctly to score the highest points. The Quicker you answer, the more points you get! Who will be the most observant, find the correct route and have the highest score on the leaderboard?

Tulips, maps and description to guide you around with questions to score points and get you onto the leaderboard.









Instead of following a map or SatNav, why not add a little spice to you route with Quest Drive. A driving based treasure hunt creating your own UK Car Tour. Available to do any day or night, follow the instructions and answer the questions to find the correct route. Points are scored for each answer and direction followed correctly. This is not a timed trial - it is not about speed but precision and observation. Get competitive by scoring the highest points and making it onto the leaderboard.  Great gift for rally lovers and couples who are struggling to get out due to covid restrictions and even for families who are looking for something different to do. 

Quest Drive User Terms & Conditions

  • Standard motor insurance does not usually cover “racing, pacemaking, reliability trials, speed testing or rallies”, so additional insurance may be needed from your provider, or a specialist insurance broker.

  • All participants will be required to 'sign-on' to take part. This happens at the start of the Quest, where all names of participants are required along with agreeing to the terms. 

  • Route information will be emailed to you and may take up to 24 hours to arrive in your inbox. Don't forget to check your spam folder.

  • You must abide by the laws of the road at all times.

  • The route can be completed anytime but we advise to complete it in daylight with good driving conditions

  • During some seasons, some objects/signs might not be visible

  • If there is a blockage on the route, you must follow the diversion.

  • Venture Bound is not responsible for any road changes/diversions or closures.

  • Venture Bound will take no responsibility for accidents or incidents that occur on the route.

  • If you drive passed the answer to a question, do not reverse back - you will have to guess the answer

  • The Route is non-transferable

  • The driver must not use their phone whilst driving

  • You must be a confident driver

  • Some roads are narrow. Be cautious and giveway to oncoming traffic. 

  • The Quest must be completed in teams of 2 or more. A team name is required at the start of your quest. 

  • We advise players to be of an age where they can read efficiently and find the answers. Younger players may find some questions too difficult and lose concentration

  • Some roads may have potholes, please drive carefully. 

  • When signs are mentioned - only permanent signs are considered. However, you must follow all signs on the road. 

  • We advise you to stop and take breaks, there are may places to explore and refresh. 

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