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Icelandic 4x4 Adventure with Venture Bound
Icelandic River Crossing with light blue sky Icelandic 4x4 Adventure with Venture Bound

27th September - 3rd October 2024

hire a 4x4 in Iceland or bring your own

Seven Day Icelandic Adventure!

Designed to cater for those of you looking for a  motoring holiday with a difference. The ease of hiring a 4x4* in Iceland and still have a competitive edge with a selection of Regularities and challenges.

Entry Fee

Entry Fee: £8,553  
Venture Bound Members Entry Fee: £7,698  



Entry Fee

£8,553 before 27th May 2024

Venture Bound VBMMC in Iceland


Members Entry Fee

£7,698 before 27th May 2024

Stunning view from the 4x4 Icelandic Adventure Tour with Venture Bound
View of Iceland from the 4x4 Adventure Tour with Venture Bound

What's Included

  • Entry for a car and a crew of two

  • Seven nights bed & breakfast from Friday 27th September until Friday 4th October 2024 in a double or twin room (single room supplement available-subject to availability)

  • Evening meals from the Sunday through to the following Thursday (including the farewell evening meal)

  • FlyOver Iceland experience

  • Welcome buffet dinner on Saturday 28th September

  • Lunch from Sunday through to Thursday

  • Welcome pack including Roadbook and on event paperwork

  • Hire and fitting of GPS Tracker

  • Hire and fitting of GPS Trip

  • Souvenir Monte Carlo style car ID plates

  • Event Souvenir

  • Class Awards

  • Experienced on event team to help you throughout

  • Route created and hospitality arranged by local Icelandic Team

  • 4x4 hire discount

Iceland, known the world over as
the Land of Fire and Ice.


One of the youngest land masses on the planet, literally growing
on a daily basis – whether through the expansion of the
Thingvellir gorge (site of the earliest known parliament; the
gathering known to the Vikings as the Althing, the “Assembly
of All”; Thingvellir literally meaning the “Assembly Fields”) or
from lava escaping from the frequent eruptions that have taken
place since the island was formed.

Iceland has given the English language some iconic names. Geyser, used to describe any super-heated water spout, derived from Geysir the most famous one of them all; although these days its neighbour Strokkur is the one that erupts on a regular basis. Even the Icelanders’ name for their country is a word we all know – Island.

The most sparsely populated country in Europe, with a population of just over 375,000 and with the most northerly capital city in the
world, Reykjavik (meaning Bay of Smoke in old Norse), Icelanders are rightfully proud of their heritage and keen to welcome visitors  to share in their traditions and culture, and experience the stunning scenery. One of the cleanest countries you will ever visit, lacking in air pollution as the only heavy industry (aluminium smelting) is powered by electricity and where geothermal energy is used to heat homes and generate power. Home of the Sagas and where, despite many locals telling you they don’t believe in the folk lore about elves, you still find “elf houses” dotted around the country.

Normal roads vary from smooth tarmac to gravel and ash, but then there are the F roads, where only 4x4s are allowed. F roads are sometimes easy to identify; other times they can be just a line on a map with the occasional hint of a track across a lava or ash field. When an F road reaches a river it’s often a matter of fording across, provided the river is not in flood. Little wonder the country was used as a location for filming Game of Thrones and that the Apollo astronauts trained there before travelling to the moon.

Iceland is fast becoming one of those tick-the-box destinations,
where most people go to visit the Golden Circle of natural wonders
or hoping to see the Aurora. To provide something more than the
traditional site seeing, a small team of highly experienced British and Icelandic organisers, headed by Peter Nedin and Tryggvi Thordarson, have put together a five-day motoring adventure specifically for 4x4 vehicles.

Calling on experience and knowledge gained on numerous competitive rallies and non-competitive motoring Tours
throughout Europe, together with an extensive knowledge of the
Icelandic road network, the event will be centred on the western
side of Iceland and will include F road driving. Apart from the
driving experience, the organisers will ensure there are
opportunities to visit a variety of attractions including such places as Geysir and the iconic Gullfoss waterfall, one of the most
spectacular waterfalls in Europe.

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall Iceland. Waterfall Icelandic 4x4 Adventure with Venture Bound


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