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Embark on the ultimate driving expedition for a crew of two, with a specially crafted, pre-driven route spanning over 70 miles, and a two-night Dinner, Bed & Breakfast stay with rejuvenating spa facilities at The QHotels Collection


Limited availability. Secure your spot today for your exclusive event for your members.


Enjoy a journey with the thrill of treasure hunts along the way. Will you be at the top of the leader board at the end of the event and win 'a weekend break for two at one of The QHotels Collection'? Ensure you don't let this amazing chance slip by, to craft enduring, remarkable experiences.

What is
Quest Drive®?

What you need

  • A crew of two

  • A vehicle

  • A tablet/iPad or smart phone

  • A charger for the device


Your self drive event is exclusive to your club/company. Select your dates and we reserve them for you.  

Hotel bed white and gold

Two Nights

Select your hotel and enjoy two nights with dinner, bed & breakfast. Relax in the comfort of staying at one of The QHotels Collection. Each hotel has rejuvenating spa facilities to add to your two night stay. 

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App Based Quest Drive

Over 70 miles of planned route, pre driven by the Venture Bound Team. Navigate from your smart phone or tablet. Quest sections (treasure hunt elements) along the route as well as suggested places of interest, cafes and pubs. 

Food Photography

Breakfast & Dinner Included

Enjoy two evenings with a 3-course, 3-choice Dinner. Breakfast included each morning. 

Lunch is not included however can be arranged at additional cost, places recommended to stop on route.


Prize for the winner of Quest Drive

The QHotels Collection will provide each group booking a prize of 'a weekend retreat for two' at one of their hotels. Embark on Quest Drive and if you finish the event at the top of the leaderboard, you will receive the prize. 

Entry Fee

Based on a minimum of 10 cars.

Click on a hotel to find out more. 

Price listed is for a car and crew of two.

Contact us to reserve your car club dates. 


If dates are not suitable, a bespoke package can be created subject to availability. Prices may vary.   

How to Quest Drive

Download the Quest Drive App

Types of Navigation

Tulips - Follow from the ball to the arrow.

Images – Follow the written instructions.

Video - Watch the video to find out where to turn.

Maps – Showing an overview, follow the blue line to go the right route.

Written Instructions – Do as it says. Follow signs for.. or DO NOT follow signs for...

SP = Sign Post. Identifies what village is written on the sign to either follow or not follow.

Find this spot - Keep driving until you reach this location. There will normally be a question about this spot.

Types of Questions

Timed - You will have a set amount of time to answer

Multiple Choice – Select the correct answer. Some questions may have more than one answer. 

Solution Input - Type in the full answer. 

Estimate Number - Drag the slider to the correct number. 

Sort List - Click and drag the answers into the correct order. 

Cloze - Fill in the words missing from the answer. 

Select all that apply - Select all the correct answers.

You are always shown the distance and direction to each junction with the directional arrow. Not every junction is shown, if no information is provided, stay on the current road.


Once you have completed a task, you will be shown how many points you get before moving onto the next instruction. Be aware! Some instructions might happen quickly after the previous task; the junction may be behind you. Look at the directional arrow for guidance.


The trick is to be observant. The more you see, the better chance of getting the questions correct. Read the questions out loud. Someone in your team might have seen the answer.


You can close the app at any point, all your progress will be saved and will start  from the last instruction.

  • The route will take a minimum of 4 hours and can be completed anytime.*

  • Distance is in metres for more accuracy.

  • It is not a timed competition; it is about observation and finding locations.

  • You must adhere to the rules of the road at all times.

  • Make sure your GPS is accurately calibrated before you start.

  • You can pause at any point and close the app. It will remember where you are.

  • If you miss an answer to a question, do not reverse or go back to get it.

  • Some lanes are quite narrow, you must be a confident driver

*we advise to only complete the route in daylight, good weather and road conditions. Once you start the route, you will not be able to restart at the beginning.

Take the pressure off:

Add a dedicated Tour Host for just £50 extra per person (based on 10 cars)

  • Full-Time Event Host: Throughout the entire event, your dedicated host will be your point of contact, ensuring the group's organisation, and always available to assist with any enquiries.

  • Warm Welcome on the First Evening: Your adventure begins with a friendly welcome, setting the stage for an exciting journey.

  • Quest Drive Orientation: Our experienced host will provide a comprehensive explanation of the Quest Drive adventure, ensuring all participants are well-informed and ready for the journey ahead.

  • Ice Breaker Activities: Kickstart your Quest Drive experience with engaging ice-breaker activities that help build camaraderie among fellow adventurers.

  • Well-Planned Schedule: Our dedicated host will meticulously organise and manage the entire schedule for the driving day, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all.

  • Interactive Challenge: A thrilling challenge awaits at the start of the Quest day, adding an element of friendly competition as participants vie for the honour of going first.

  • On-Route Support: Our knowledgeable host will be stationed at designated locations along the route, readily available to answer any questions or provide assistance as needed.

  • Lunch Arrangements: If lunch is scheduled, rest assured that our host will handle all the arrangements, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable meal stop.

  • App and Route Assistance: Your host will be just a call away to assist with any questions or guidance related to the app and route for the day.

  • Finish Line Meet and Greet: The adventure concludes with a memorable meet and greet at the finish line, offering a chance to share stories and celebrate the day's accomplishments.

  • Mini Awards Presentation: We'll cap off the adventure with a mini awards presentation to recognise and celebrate the winner of the Quests.

  • Final Morning Support: Your dedicated host will be available on the final morning to address any remaining questions or provide assistance as needed.

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