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Venture Bound VBMMC Table Top Rally

12th - 25th August 2024

The perfect time to relax in the summer sunshine.

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2 weeks 

Summer Table Top 2024
Summer Table Top 2024
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12 Aug 2024, 10:00
Venture Bound Table Top

Need some extra practice?

Our previous Table Tops are available to purchase to complete in your own time. Check the answers and improve your plotting. 

Extra Practice


'The Winter 2024 Table Top Rally (TTR) was a great way to spend a couple of mid-winter weeks. Well organized and presented, it provided a way of spending a couple of interesting and thought-provoking hours every day and anticipation of what was to come on subsequent days. My only complaint is that I wish there were more of them! Stay tuned and sign up now for the Summer TTR coming in August 2024!' - Gary S. 

'Winter Table Top Rally (Jan 2023) was just the ticket to test and indeed polish up map navigation in prep for the year . . A bargain price and so well administered. I only wish these were more frequent !' - Richard S.


'We've just completed Venture Bound's winter table top rally - what a great way to spend winter evenings! Challenging, with lots of head scratching but hugely enjoyable and great value thanks to Venture Bound's route planning expertise.' - David P.

table top maps

Start:  Monday 12th August 2024
Finish:  Sunday 25th August 2024

Rallying from the comfort of your own home. Not timed to the second you can take 5 minutes or all day to complete. Each day an OS Landranger 1:50,000 map extract and plotting instructions will be sent out. Plot the route then answer the questions. After completing all 5 days, use the answers to the questions in the conversion table to spell a word. Submit that word before 23:59 on the Sunday to be entered into the prize draw. Only free for one week? Sign up for each week individually.

10 Regularities

2 Weeks

 One regularity every week day for 2 weeks. Plot the routes, answer the questions and then find the word in the conversion table to solve that week's table top.

You Will Need

  • A pencil

  • A rubber

  • A printer

A roamer is not required, however you are welcome to use one. 

Take a break and practice your regularity plotting from your own home. With a different form of plotting each day, there is a challenge for everyone. Be careful to not get caught out by any TRICKS!

Types of Navigation Include

  • Tulips

  • Herringbone

  • Clockularity

  • Map Symbols

  • Gridlines

  • London Map

and a few other surprises along the way!

Join us for the two week challenge. 

quest drive maps

Elise's Navigating Tools

Stretchy pens, recommended by VBMMC for Table Top Rallies
Travel magnifying glass, perfect for VBMMC Table Top Rallies
Five different colour highlighters for VBMMC Table Top rallies
Sticky dots, great fun and essential on VBMMC Table Top Rallies
An Egg Timer! Perfect assistant on VBMMC Table Top Rallies
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