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Where Venture Bound Began

quest drive road and water


From Families to couples to drivers to Navigators, we have public and private trails available offering a range of themes, promoting the Best of British, from Gin, Cheese, Craft beer and Cider. Looking for something more unique, we also create corporate, bespoke and themed car discoveries in the UK and Europe, tailored to your desires. At Venture Bound we have a love for driving, be it classic cars, motorbikes or electric. Sometimes you just want to go out and drive but you are not sure where to go, or which roads are worth exploring. We have created driving experiences where you can 'Just Drive'. Whether it is a self-drive route or a corporate tour, Venture Bound has something for everyone. Our instant download routes offer a chance to explore the best roads the UK has to offer, close to home or further afield. Whether you have an interest in history, gourmet food or even wish to challenge yourself to a Quest Drive, we have the route for you! 

After eight years competing in endurance rallies, Covid-19 hit and stopped all motorsport. For many months our cars sat with no knowledge of when they would be back out again. All cars need to be driven and what better way to enjoy your motor than a pre-organised route.

quest drive bridge over road.
quest drive castle


Venture Bound was created by Elise Whyte, one half of the Whyte Sister Classic Rally Team. Most weekends, before lockdown, they were often seen competing in 'Stanley' the Standard 10 in classic car rallies across the UK and Europe. Elise first hit the podium in 2016 coming third overall and then went on to win her first rally in 2018 on The Winter Challenge finishing in Monte Carlo. Elise loves exploring, so when competing she enjoys the different places she gets to see, During lockdown, everything changed, from someone who was in a different place every weekend, being at home was challenging. That is when Venture Bound was created.


Venture Bound was born in Lockdown. It was difficult to even get out of the house let alone travel around Europe to compete in Classic Car Endurance Rallies. With 'Stanley' the classic car sitting still, Elise decided it was time to drive into action and create Covid Secure routes for all to enjoy. First to be developed was Gin and Champagne Discoveries where you get experience the scenic routes before sampling some of the regions best flavours. Suitable for electric cars, classic cars, super cars and even motorbikes, they make the perfect mix. Elise came from the Navigating side of rallying, she didn't want it all to be about driving. When you travel, most people take someone with them and Elise wanted to keep them entertained. Then came Quest Drive! Self driving treasure hunts across the UK, offering your own UK Car Tour from the comfort of your own car. Not only this, you keep the competition element of fighting for first place against everyone else. 

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