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Snow covered banks by road on a Quest Drive by Venture bound


Driving Sustainability in Motorsports: Fueling a Greener Future

Venture Bound Members Motorsport Club Ltd (VBMMC) is dedicated to becoming a sustainable organisation that minimises waste and reduces our environmental impact. We actively seek alternatives to plastic products, promote responsible printing and waste reduction, and encourage electric vehicles and alternative fuels at our events. Our goal is to set a positive example for our community and the motorsport industry by adopting environmentally friendly practices.

Our Sustainability Initiatives

At VBMMC, we prioritise sustainability as a core value. Our initiatives include:

  • Reducing emissions by promoting electric vehicles and alternative fuels

  • Eliminating plastic products and reducing waste at our events

  • Exceeding current environmental legislation to future-proof VBMMC and motorsport

  • Aligning with Motorsport UK's mission to be Net Zero by 2024

Sustainable Events

VBMMC is leading the way in creating sustainable events with our innovative Quest Drive app. These digital treasure hunts allow participants to follow directional instructions and answer questions using a tablet or iPad. We've expanded this concept to themed events like Gin Discovery and Venture Quest, combining sustainability with competition and entertainment.

Our events prioritise sustainability by:

  • Eliminating event paperwork and transitioning to digital solutions

  • Minimising travel emissions by offering events across the country

  • Encouraging engagement with local businesses that have sustainable practices

  • Having an Environmental Management System (EMS) in place

Our Environmental Management System outlines our waste management plan and procurement policies, ensuring ongoing sustainable practices. Our dedicated Environmental Champion leads the way, ensuring that our EMS is followed and working with the committee and competitors to raise awareness of sustainability. We are committed to assessing and improving our practices to inspire a greener future.


Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about VBMMC's sustainability efforts, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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