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How to Quest


2-5 Players (in one vehicle)

A smart phone/tablet with GPS

(driver not using a phone)

A device charger

A team name

A vehicle to travel in

Your nnique Quest Drive code (purchased from the Quest Drive page)


10 Points - Junctions

100 Points - Questions

200 Points - Bonus Question


Each Junction has nominal points to make sure you drive the correct route. Answer questions correctly to gain the highest score.

Some questions are timed. Points will be deducted if you time out. 

Types of Navigation

Tulips - Follow from the ball to the arrow.

Images – Follow the written instructions.

Video - Watch the video to find out where to turn.

Maps – Showing an overview, follow the blue line to go the right route.

Written Instructions – Do as it says. Follow signs for.. or DO NOT follow signs for...

SP = Sign Post. Identifies what village is written on the sign to either follow or not follow.

Find this spot - Keep driving until you reach this location. There will normally be a question about this spot.

The Quest Drive app in use, searching for the next Quest

Types of Questions

Timed - You will have a set amount of time to answer

Multiple Choice – Select the correct answer. Some questions may have more than one answer. 

Solution Input - Type in the full answer. 

Estimate Number - Drag the slider to the correct number. 

Sort List - Click and drag the answers into the correct order. 

Cloze - Fill in the words missing from the answer. 

Select all that apply - Select all the correct answers.

Car Interior
Qust Drive Terms

You are always shown the distance and direction to each junction with the directional arrow. Not every junction is shown, if no information is provided, stay on the current road.


Once you have completed a task, you will be shown how many points you get before moving onto the next instruction. Be aware! Some instructions might happen quickly after the previous task; the junction may be behind you. Look at the directional arrow for guidance.


The trick is to be observant. The more you see, the better chance of getting the questions correct. Read the questions out loud. Someone in your team might have seen the answer.


You can close the app at any point, all your progress will be saved and will start  from the last instruction.

  • We advise to only complete the route in daylight, good weather and road conditions.

  • Route information will be emailed to you and may take up to 24 hours to arrive in your inbox. Don't forget to check your spam folder.

  • Once you start the route, you will not be able to restart at the beginning.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct equipment.

  • You must submit your results on the App and wait for them to upload to see your results on the leaderboard

  • Distance is in metres for more accuracy.

  • Ensure your sound is turned on to aid navigation.

  • It is not a timed competition; it is about observation and finding locations.

  • If you are near another participant, it will affect your game play. We advise leaving at least a minute interval between cars at the start. If you do catch another participant, it is in your best interest to stop and wait, to give you the best chance of achieving points.

  • Make sure your GPS is turned on and accurately calibrated before you start.

  • Turn off predictive text to ensure you type in the correct answer. 

  • You can pause at any point and close the app. It will remember where you are. All your progress will be saved and will restart from the last instruction.

  • If you miss an answer to a question, do not reverse or go back to get it. Take a guess.

  • Some lanes are quite narrow, you must be a confident driver

  • If you device loses charge, you can restart from the same point on another day. 

  • During some seasons, some objects/signs might not be visible

  • If there is a blockage on the route, you must follow the diversion.

  • Venture Bound is not responsible for any road changes/diversions or closures.

  • Venture Bound will take no responsibility for accidents or incidents that occur on the route.

  • If you drive passed the answer to a question, do not reverse back - you will have to guess the answer

  • The Route is non-transferable

  • Each participant will be required to “sign on” in accordance with Motorsport UK (The governing body) and agree to their policies. This will be completed on the app at the beginning of your Quest.

  • You must always adhere to the rules of the road.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure your motor insurance covers you for this type of event.

  • The driver must not use their phone whilst driving

  • The Quest must be completed in teams of 2 or more. A team name is required at the start of your quest. 

  • We advise players to be of an age where they can read efficiently and find the answers. Younger players may find some questions too difficult and lose concentration

  • Some roads may have potholes, please drive carefully. 

  • When signs are mentioned - only permanent signs are considered. However, you must follow all signs on the road. 

  • We advise you to stop and take breaks, there are may places to explore and refresh.


Do you have to get out of the car? There are places you can stop on the route but you do not need to get out of the car to find clues. 

Where can I stop for a break? Anywhere, just pause the quest

When can I start? Anytime, just keep an eye on the time as you don't want to compete in the dark. 

What is the minimum age? We advise that all participants are over 12. This is so they can participate inthe questions and answers.

What if I start and need to stop? No problem. Just pause the quest and remember where you stopped. When you are ready, go back to that point and press play. 

Can I compete in the dark? We strongly recommend you don't as you will miss most of the clues. 

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