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To participate in Quest Drive you will need


A crew of two

A smart phone/tablet with GPS (driver not using their phone whilst driving)

A device charger

A team name

A vehicle to travel in

Your unique Quest Drive code (This will be emailed to you separately)

  • The prize is awarded on the highest score at the end of the day. It is non transferable and cannot be exchanged.

  • Once you start the route you will be unable to restart from the beginning.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct equipment.

  • For your result to be included on the leaderboard you must be back at the hotel by 6pm. This will ensure you are entered into the competition.

  • You must submit your results on the App and wait for them to upload.

  • If you are near another participant, it will affect your game play. We advise leaving at least a minute interval between cars at the start. If you do catch another participant, it is in your best interest to stop and wait, to give you the best chance of achieving points.

  • Make sure that your GPS is turned on and accurate before you start.

  • Ensure your sound is turned on to aid navigation. 

  • You can pause at any point and close the App. It will remember where you are. All your progress will be saved and will restart from the last instruction.

  • If you miss an answer to a question, do not reverse or go back to get it. Take a guess.

  • Turn off predictive text to ensure you type in the correct answer.

  • Distance to junctions and spots are in metres for more accuracy.

  • It is not a timed competition; it is about observation and finding locations.

  • It is your choice whether you participate in each Quest. (You can opt in or out at the start of each Quest) If you decide to not participate, it will affect your score. Not participating in the Quests will reduce your score and you may not be eligible to win the Quest drive prize.

  • If you decide to not participate in the Quests, ignore the 👁 symbol.

  • If you don’t complete all Quests but have the highest score you will win.

  • Each participant will be required to “sign on” in accordance with Motorsport UK (The governing body) and agree to their policies. This will be completed on the app at the beginning of your Quest.

  • You must always adhere to the rules of the road.

  • Venture Bound and Venture Bound Members Motoring Club Ltd (VBMMC) does not accept any liability for any accidents that may occur. 

  • It is your responsibility to ensure your motor insurance covers you for this type of event.

  • For the prize to be awarded, there must be a minimum of 10 cars participating in the event. 

February 2024

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