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Revving Towards Comprehensive Sustainability: VBMMC's Approach

Updated: Feb 16

A greener future with VBMMC comprehensive sustainability approach

Why Embrace Sustainability? In an industry defined by pollution and waste, the path to sustainability might seem challenging for a motoring club like VBMMC. The allure of roaring engines, the scent of gasoline, and the exhilaration of speeding down the open road are deeply ingrained in our passion. However, if we want to continue enjoying this sport for the next 50 years, change is inevitable. Half a century ago, we recycled our milk bottles, repurposed old clothes as rags, and mended what was broken. VBMMC is on a mission to lead the way in sustainability, providing alternatives to preserve our beloved sport.

Venture Bound working towards a more sustainable future

Our Sustainability Initiatives Environmental Sustainability Reducing Waste: To reduce waste, we're actively seeking eco-friendly alternatives for our club's operations. For instance, we've replaced paper maps with tablets and iPads for navigation, simultaneously promoting connectivity among all participating cars. We've transitioned to online membership cards, all while maintaining an environmentally friendly option for those who prefer tangible cards. Reducing Pollution: While classic cars inherently represent a form of sustainability through reusing, we're taking it a step further by embracing mild hybrids and full electric vehicles. By doing so, we aim to inspire others to think about sustainability and the environmental impact of their choices.

Economic Sustainability Financial Responsibility: Sustainability comes at a cost, but our efforts have also led to cost reductions. We've implemented sound financial management practices, including budget planning, cost-effective event organisation, and responsible resource allocation to ensure the club's economic stability. Affordability and Accessibility: We're committed to keeping membership fees and event participation costs affordable, ensuring that enthusiasts from all walks of life can join our club, fostering economic inclusivity.

Social Sustainability Diversity and Inclusion: VBMMC is more than just a club; it's a community. We actively promote diversity and inclusivity within our membership and leadership, emphasising that motorsport is for everyone, regardless of gender, age, race, or background. Community Engagement: Our club encourages members to engage with local communities where we organise events. This not only creates positive social impacts but also fosters goodwill within our community.

Human Sustainability Safety First: The well-being of our members is paramount. We prioritise safety measures in all our events and promote responsible driving practices to ensure the safety of all participants. Skill Development: VBMMC invests in skill development programs, such as table top rallies and training sessions, to enhance members' skills, enabling them to remain competitive and focused.

Venture Bound green vision

In Conclusion Venture Bound Members Motoring Club (VBMMC) understands that true sustainability encompasses a holistic approach, covering economic, social, human, and environmental aspects. We're dedicated to transforming into a more environmentally conscious, economically responsible, socially inclusive, and member-centric club. Our vision is to set a new standard for motorsport organisations, one that embraces comprehensive sustainability while delivering thrilling, memorable experiences. Join us on this exciting journey, where sustainability becomes a driving force for a brighter future.

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