Route: Nantwich to BuxtonRoute: Nantwich Derby 
Our Price:  £32.95


  • Explore the UK from the comfort of your own vehicle and see what the Country has to offer
  • Over 125 miles to explore at your own leisure 
  • Each route starts just outside the town/city to minimise traffic.
  • The route takes you past various Points of Interest, via a through road not necessarily to the main entrance.
  • The route is correct at time of creation.

Driving Terms and Conditions

  • You must abide by the laws of the road at all times.
  • If there is a blockage on the route, you must follow the diversion.
  • Venture Bound is not responsible for any road changes/diversions or closures.
  • Venture Bound will take no responsibility for accidents or incidents that occur on the route.
  • You must download the route within 7 days of purchase, otherwise it will expire
  • The Route is non-transferable
  • The driver must not use their phone whilst driving


When do I get my download?

The download is available immediately after purchase. You will be sent an email with all the information and download links. 

How long is the download available for?

The download link is active for 7 days, however once downloaded you can use it whenever you like. 

How do I upload onto my SavNav?

If you need assistance uploading onto SatNav please follow the link to the corresponding brand. 

                                          GARMIN                                     TOMTOM

What is the Information Sheet?

The information sheet includes all the relevant information such as start and finish locations, places of interest and a map overview to assist you on the drive. 

How do we visit the places of interest?

Each route takes you to the nearest through road with a corresponding on the SatNav to your information Sheet. This is where you can turn off the route to visit the places of interest. It is advisable to book these in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Do we have to complete the route in one day?

No, each route can be completed over a couple of days, if you want to explore and take your time. 

Starting on the outskirts of Nantwich, this route takes you passed 8 places of interest. Each place corresponds to a waypoint on your SatNav where you can choose to stop and visit, or continue on the route. With each download, you receive an information sheet, that tells you the places you visit on each route. With two destinations to choose from, you can opt for the one best suited to you.


Apdale Heritage Centre - Hack Green Secret Bunker - Hawksmoor - Croxden Abbey - Tutbury Castle - Toll Gate Brewery - Donnington Park - Melbourne Hall


Rode Hall and Gardens - Little Moreton Hall - Mow Cop - Knypersley Tower - Biddulph Grange - Bridestones Neolithic Stones - Lud's Church - Poole's Cavern

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