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A week-long online event of
Great After School Play





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Choose an activity that you can do together

The boring bits

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Today's Featured Activity!

LIVE Scavenger Hunt

Join us for a GASP activity Live!

Friday 17th March 4pm

Clicke the Join Now button at 16:00 for the Live Scavenger Hunt

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Jump Rope

Weaving Cords

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Tangrams template

Drawing game

Conversation Generator

Two minute Garden Break

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Show us your creations!

Make your own magic wand

Forest Meditation

Hit the Download button in the top right corner to take the Forest Meditation with you when you explore outdoors. 

Making Brownies

Mini Yoga Session

Where am I? Quiz
For this quiz you will need to use the website What3Words. The simplest way to talk about location, street addresses aren't accurate enough to describe precise locations. Emergency services are now using this so they know exactly where help is required. This is a fun quiz but it also shows how What3Words can be used. Click on the Button below when you are ready to start.

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Make a Kite

More ideas!

  • Make lollipops together

  • Find out what your grown-ups favourite film was when they were a kid, watch it together

  • Build a pillow fort

  • Go for an adventure, find a river or stream and play Pooh sticks

  • Do a jigsaw together

  • Create a secret handshake together

  • Read a book together

The Boring Bits

GASP (great after school play) is a group project designed by a small team of students as part of a postgraduate program in Creative Events Management. Active family membership is known to positively influence children maintaining a healthy lifestyle, whereas ‘sedentary’ lifestyles perpetuated by technology's addictiveness negatively fosters children’s lack of interest in exercise. The GASP solution is to provide short but informative content for enhancing family relationships in a fun and empowering way that inspires and invites parents' leadership and brainstorming. Content is based on movement, games and self-expression selected for the well-known health benefits of art, exercise, and bonding capabilities. Crafty Hoppers Training

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