Uploading GPX Routes to SatNav

Friday, 1 January 2021  |  Admin

Uploading GPX Routes to SatNav

Uploading a GPX route varies depending on which device you have. Please click on which brand of device you have to take you to the relevant page.

                                                                  GARMIN                              TOMTOM

Alternatively follow the instructions below



GPX file using Garmin Connect

  1. Connect the device to computer using a USB cable

  2. Log into Garmin Connect

  3. Click 

  4. Select Import Data

  5. Select Browse

  6. Locate device showing as a mass storage drive

  7. Click Garmin folder

  8. Click GPX folder

  9. Select appropriate track to upload2 (each file is named by date of activity)

  10. Click Import Data




GPX file using Mydrive

  1. Connect your VIA to your computer using MyDrive Connect.

  2. In MyDrive, select My Routes.

  3. Select Import a GPX File and browse to your .GPX track file.

    Your new track is shown in the My Routes list.

  4. Wait for the track file to upload to your VIA.

  5. Open My Routes.

    Your imported track is shown in your My Routes list.

Once uploaded onto Garmin Connect and TomTom Mydrive, you then need to check the GPX file has been transferred to you device in My Routes. If it has not been transferred, reconnect your device and sync.